We provide a diversity of creative, business and technical knowledge across the marketing mix

virtual conference solutions

We have re-engineered the way we work in response to the pandemic.  Together with our expert partners, we have brought together a number of tried and tested virtual and cloud-based technologies to offer high quality virtual conference solutions. 

Our new, live stream corporate broadcasts allow clients to continue their vital communications.  Our solution includes a bespoke event microsite with delegates registration as usual which then links to our “virtual venue” online platform on the specified day for a professional, authentic experience complete with live polling and live Q & A.

Each key member of our production team works remotely but are brought together in a virtual control room.  We film your presenters against a Chromakey screen, supplement their presentations with motion graphics or augmented reality animation where required and drop the whole event into a stunning virtual stage set.

virtual and hybrid conferences

We make people sit up and listen.

We deliver compelling and engaging solutions, fusing live experiences and digital technology with dynamic content. Our conference production and management solutions are tailor-made, delivering premium experiences.
  • venue finding
Whether its an iconic, historic landmark, a contemporary venue with the latest digital technologies, an aircraft hanger to seat 1000 employees or a boutique hotel for that private board meeting, we will source the most appropriate, cost effective venue which meets your objectives.
  • audio visual production
Dynamic stage set design, sound and lighting to provide that ‘wow’ factor as delegates arrive and sustain audience engagement throughout the event. This is coupled with meticulous, down to the second timing production plans, CGI animated stings, quality graphics and beautiful sound.
  • interactive technologies
We use apps and hardware to involve increase audience participation and engagement. More engagement = more data which allows you to sell more effectively, market more accurately and train more efficiently.
  • web streaming and virtual events
Streaming a conference broadens the reach of your event, connects with those not attending and enables you to make content available online either on a microsite or your own website live or archive.
  • delegate registration
We offer customised, mobile friendly conference websites and apps providing real time access to conference content, attendee lists, online registrations, speaker biographies, sponsors, exhibitors, hotel/travel information, maps/floor plans and more’.


Product Launch Monaco Sporting Club

product launches

We are the live event arm for your B2B and B2C campaigns.

Our clients involve us right from the start in all B2B and B2C launch campaigns, and we design every element of a product launch event with the outcomes in mind.  All topped with a social and environmental consciousness.  
  • strategic thinking
We immerse ourselves in your brand and seek a thorough understanding of your business, working with your marketing team and partners to ensure a successful launch campaign is achieved.
  • high profile
We have worked with British royalty, children with impairments, heads of state and music superstars. We understand the specific protocols in dealing with each party appropriate people to endorse and support the launch campaign
  • responsible partners

It is a big responsibility to be entrusted with brands, align an appropriate live event strategy within the communication mix and deliver it successfully. We are quietly proud of all our successes to date. 

Creators of event experiences that inspire audiences and make emotional connections around the world

About Us

award ceremonies

We know how to throw a party.

We offer a fully integrated service and sweat the small stuff to create superlative events. As your external events team, and your brand ambassadors, you can trust us to deliver your story.
  • sense of theatre
We will work with you to create an event theme. Slick audio visual, great entertainment and a celebration for winners and nominees alike makes for a memorable awards ceremony. Imaginative d├ęcor, food and beverage add that essential sense of theatre to allow the story to unfold on the night.  
  • inspiring hosts
We will recommend and engage appropriate professionals to host your events. With our expert management pre event, your presenters arrive fully briefed ready to tackle the event with aplomb.
  • charities and auctions
Mixing spectacular entertainment with a strong fundraising focus makes a charity event fun to attend and financially rewarding. Building the right ingredients and forensic attention to detail has allowed us to help our charity partners to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds around the world.
  • sponsor management
Ensuring sponsors are given the recognition they need and deserve is forefront in our planning and execution. We work directly with your marketing communications team and sponsor representatives to ensure a valued sponsor package is delivered.

Awards Audience

Flight cases


Multi-national and multi-cultural.

We work with trusted partners who deliver to our exact standards, ensuring the relevant language is at the forefront to truly engage the audience at a local level.
  • location, location, location
Across the world, whether it’s a mobile unit at client offices, an installation at a museum and a pop up event in a car park, we have sourced the locations and venues, built at them and delivered in them.
  • design and print
Co-ordinating and producing collateral and merchandise as part of a roadshow campaign is second nature, as is organising the logistics, freight, set up and display.
  • scaleable and replicatable
Our skill is to design a roadshow to fit into multiple venues at different locations, often with tight set up, challenging timetables and in different languages.

Creators of event experiences that inspire audiences and make emotional connections around the world



More than just a display stand.

Supplementary networking receptions, sponsor package optimisation and how to best extend the impact long after the exhibition has passed are second nature to our service. 
  • content and technology
We develop content for the stand as well as the stand itself, ensuring a seamless story is told through all five senses to maximise impact.
  • face-to-face marketing
Our comprehensive service ensures the stand design and construction by our trusted partners delivers a holistic experience enabling supplementary hospitality, press launches, third party brand collaboration and workshops.
  • on site delivery
Our stands are all designed and specified in the UK and delivered under our management with trusted partners across the world.

Rotork Valve World Exhibitions

Rope building Team Builidng - Sailing

team development

Experiential learning by doing.

In developing solutions with the outcomes in mind, our team development specialists provide expert facilitation with fun, memorable, challenging activities. We don’t package activities but source the most appropriate solution combination to meet the objectives.

  • behavioural change
Our events are designed to shift understanding and beliefs and inspire commitment to changing behaviour.
  • expert facilitation
Fun and learning should be combined with expert facilitation to harness the inner potential, unleash creativity, develop interpersonal skills or more clearly define workplace roles.

Creators of event experiences that inspire audiences and make emotional connections around the world

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