UK government celebration of World Hydrography Day

"Our choice venue. Lancaster House, a house which has entertained more Heads of State, politicians and celebrities than any other house in London. "

“Rear Admiral Tim Lowe, National Hydrographer presented the Alexander Dalrymple award”

Hosted by the Minister of State for Defence, the reception marked the UK Government’s celebration of World Hydrography Day, a UN-endorsed recognition of the vital role of hydrography in supporting safe navigation and sustainable use of the world’s seas, oceans and waterways.
Our guests dined in the lavishly decorated Long Gallery, which is where Winston Churchill gave a Coronation banquet for the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  Or more recently seen on the Netflix, The Crown!
CT-Live’s event management responsibilities included venue finding, guest list management, security for VIP guests, branding and overall hospitality.