multi-national maritime conference

"Bringing together delegates from 34 nations, speaking 24 languages into one cohesive three day conference"

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office provides hydrographic and geospatial data to mariners and maritime organisations across the world. Its market-leading portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Products and Services are found on over 90% of the world’s ships trading internationally and provide the widest official coverage of the world's busiest international shipping routes and ports.

Our task was to bring together delegates from 34 nations, speaking 24 different languages into one cohesive three day conference - a challenge that we rose to once again, adding our flair and personal touches throughout the event. We not only delivered the event management but also partnered the client in developing the content to ensure ROI was achieved and the event as memorable as previous six years we have managed the event.

Our site visits and negotiations led us to place the business with the Amba Marble Arch London hotel whose team worked closely with us throughout the event to ensure all the multi-cultural requirements were met.

The all-important audio visual was provided by our trusted partners Multimediaplus who installed a classic two screen set. The pre event technical rehearsals run by Shirley Chick who then ‘show called’ the actual event paid off as all speakers were kept on time with our usual attention to detail. The audience loved the new ‘Catch Box’ cube microphone which was tossed from table to table to encourage audience Q & A.

Coming up with the right entertainment to suit so many nationalities can be a challenge but digital magician Tom London wowed and wooed the audience during the formal dinner. The following night delegates were treated to a London Route Master journey to HMS Belfast where a piper welcomed them on board for a step back to the 1940s. And for the delegate fitness fanatics, we even created a 5km fun run route around Hyde Park - and took part ourselves!

Venue finding
Delegate registration
Speaker management
AV Production
Film and Photography
Technical exhibition display